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WINNER UK Blues Band Of The Year ~ 2021/22/23

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CD contains:
1) Free Man
2) Like What You See
3) Tomorrow
4) Kill For Your Love
5) Innocence Of Youth
6) A Dead Man Doesn't Lie
7) My Babe Says That He Loves Me
8) Fire
9) Want Your Love

Limited to one copy per order!


Grace & Aaron here, and we wanted to introduce ourselves and thank you for supporting independent music by learning more about us and our songs.

We promise we’re not crazy… We know it might look suspicious and “too good to be true” to give away free CDs, but for us it’s a great way to get our music out there.

We know you’re going to love this EP, which means you’ll hopefully tell your music loving friends about us to spread the word! You and your mates might also make it to a show sometime 🖤

All you’ve got to do is cover the postage and packaging, and we’ll put it in the post to you! So you don’t have to wait, we’ll also send you a free download straight away!

Much love,
Grace & Aaron x

P.S. We're also the first Independent Blues Band/Artist to have an Official UK Top 10 Album! 

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